“We scientifically and safely formulated all premium Active Naturals in our 3 in 1 chemical-free cosmetics line to perfection.  Our proprietary blend of organic, vegan, Kosher, nutrient-dense, cold-pressed extra virgin olive, avocado, jojoba, and aloe is our base for the delivery of safe, effective actives. Just a few drops of our unique, great-smelling, non-oily oils does the trick. Even the scent we chose was patented as hypoallergenic.  All products are made with integrity by our http://Rejuven8Labs.com Team.”

Dr Sheldon, Lead Inventor   http://AskDrSheldon.com


Skin Perfecting FACE

At last! A residue-free Hair Oil!
One bottle of this leave-in product
lasts for months! Just massage a few
Drops into your scalp, coat hair,
and pinch at ends!

Skin Perfecting FACE is a miracle! It immediately improves the appearance of my T-zone. This stuff is beauty gold! Try it! Buy it!” Reem H.

Skin Perfecting BODY

Finally! Truly natural beauty!
A great smelling, hypoallergenic,
non-oily Body Oil that works!
One bottle lasts for months!
A little goes a long way!

“I’m actually stunned! I used Skin Perfecting BODY formula during my pregnancy and it worked beautifully with no stretch marks! Amazing!” Suzie

Skin Perfecting GLO

It’s like magic!
Rub 3 drops onto skin 3 times a day
for 3 days and be amazed!

Je t’aime, Skin Perfecting GLO! My skin looks radiant all day and feels silky soft! It’s the centre of my daily beauty routine! I even mix it into my sunscreen! You’ll love it!” Emilie P.





Anti-aging :: Anti-inflammatory :: Antiseptic…3 in 1 bottle!